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The internet can be a vast and mysterious place, but it's what led these two lovers together. It was a cold and dreary autumn of 2018 when they first met, but it was a cordial meeting at that. They both were using a mobile phone application called "Tinder" for the shits and giggles, but it turned out that from a small leap of faith that the two would end up together. When Norton had discovered that he too swiped right to Nia, he asked the dreaded question ,"Eyy girl, would you like to yell at stop signs with me?" Of course, Nia was a bit perplexed with the question and after much thought and consideration, she simply responded with a "yes!" This was the start of their friendship. Although they started as aquaintances for the first couple of weeks, they had no idea what the future had in store for them. During one outing, Norton and Nia decided to walk the streets of Downtown San Diego since he never got to explore the city before. After a couple hours of admiring the cityscape and talking, the pair began to feel... something. They both sat down near the local theatre and began to talk about personal stuff until Norton couldn't take it anymore and leaned in for a kiss! animated-kiss-smiley-image-0153 ... Unfortunately Nia said that she wasn't ready and turned him down. However, as the two resumed their walk along the city something marvelous happened! As Nia was mystified by all of the skyscrapers, Norton's heart filled with pure bliss and love and he reached out towards Nia and kissed her. She was shocked at first, but gleefully resumed the kiss. She gleefully held his hand and soon enough, he asked her out. Their relationship quickly blossomed and they soon started to date. Never once did they have a fight, and their love continues to grow with each passing day. animated-kiss-smiley-image-0186 Blinkie Text Generator at

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